About our values

About our values

Welcome to Code Workshop

Friendly and Fun

Every Code Workshop event is a chance to have fun and explore. Building a great friendly community is one of our core values and we will always strive for a fun and friendly atmosphere.


People from all walks of life, careers, and backgrounds are welcome to join us at our events. We want to make programming as open and accessible to as many people as possible, and never be exclusionary.

High Quality Content

Every workshop we host aims to be a fully developed and rewarding experience. Our goal is to teach high quality software development practices and ideas that are as applicable to beginners as they are to seasoned professionals. Every event is designed around a curriculum meant to teach concepts clearly and correctly.

Engaging and Participatory

We believe that doing is learning. We minimize the amount of lecture time at our events and instead focus on interactive exercises and participation. Each event will have clear learning goals, and facilitators available to help with any questions that you may have and to provide guidance.

Community Focused

No goal is accomplished alone. We rely on our community and team mates to accomplish great things. Code Workshop believes in cultivating strong communities, friendships, and teams.

Open Source

As members of the software community we stand on the shoulders of many amazing open source software projects, and a core value of our organization is to promote the usage of and contribution to open source software projects.

Wee hope you will join us in our mission.